This is all the information you should need to know when booking Ian R Marshall Photography. Please understand that this is intended to clarify and make clear the situation when booking Ian R Marshall Photography and what you will receive. If you have any questions, please get in contact.



On a full day booking Ian + Second Photographer (if booked) will require a meal and a bar tab of £20. As it is a long day and Ian/they do work hard, and some refreshments and food are needed to ensure you get the best possible service. We do get hungry and thirsty too.



Ian will capture the day in a documentary, candid, reportage style. Any other requested photographs required other than that of a documentary nature excluding bride and groom portraits, i.e. group shots/specific shots should be written down in detail and provided on the booking form under the section - Photograph requests. Ian will work towards capturing these images but on occasion, circumstances will occur out of control that may mean these captures are not possible - for example, weather, over running schedule... etc, but Ian will try to find an alternative, if possible.

·         Full Day Shoot: Images supplied will range between 300 and 500 depending on the content of the day.

·         Half Day Shoot: Images will range between 150-250 depending on the content of the day.

Please understand that Ian will shoot a lot of images and will give you the best, figures above are only suggestions and on occasion you will receive more than quoted.

Ian will not and cannot grantee to photograph every single person at weddings or events or where there are larger number of people.

Other Booking

Ian will discuss with you what you require and will work within his style to meet your needs. Ian is very passionate about meeting his clients’ needs and will discuss with you the best options.

Images quantity on smaller shoots will vary depending on type of shoot, complexity of shoot but Ian will capture as much as he can and delivery what he feels to be the best and worthy of being used after.



Date is held on a verbal basis until a booking form has been completed, considered, checked and when deposit has been paid date is fully confirmed. Booking form must be completed and returned within three weeks from verbal agreement. A deposit of 30% is required upon booking, this is non-refundable. A Skype or face to face meeting needs to be within one month of first contact/receiving the booking form.

Other Shoots:

Depending on the nature of the shoot sometimes a deposit will be requested. Ian will contact you with details if this is needed but same deposit will be needed if required.



Ian R Marshall Photography once booked will be and can only be the sole photographer on the day (unless a second shooter has been booked which Ian will choose and use a photographer that he can entrust to do the job alongside the way he would like to capture your day/event). He would encourage guests to take photos and welcomes videographers, please give details of this - Ian is easy going but would like notice so he can work with whoever else you have booked.


Ian R Marshall Photography works with a style that suits him and what you see on this website is evidence of his style and work. All images on this site have been taken with Ian feeling free to be as creative as he needs to be and will work in his way to ensure the best photographs are take on the day. He will always work to meet his clients’ needs but does need to shoot/edit in his style. This applies to choosing locations and poses used in portraits…etc, unless directly requested by clients and agreed with Ian.


Ian R Marshall Photography’s entire liability in respect of the contract shall be limited to damages of an equal amount to the total price paid by the customer. Neither party shall be liable for any breach of its obligations resulting for causes beyond its reasonable control, which may include acts of god, fire, natural disaster, war and weather. Under the Consumer Rights Act, which superseded the Supply of Goods and Services Act on 1 October 2015, your photographs will be supplied with reasonable care and skill.

If you have any issues with your images upon delivery you must inform Ian R Marshall Photography within one calendar month from the date received. Ian R Marshall will and can only edit images and cannot change content at this point.


When using Ian R Marshall Photography or any Photographer the standard copyright rules apply with any bookings, this can be found by reading Copyright Notice Digital Images, Photographers and the internet.

In basic language the actual copyright of the images will remain with Ian R Marshall Photography, but you are licensed to print, share and use the images but they are not for re-sale, using to enter competitions or using in any other way that will financially benefit you or anyone. Ian R Marshall Photography will also respect the right to privacy and not share on social media, website or on the internet without consent.

Photographs that Ian R Marshall creates are his creations and under the creative license, editing or changing his work is strictly forbidden.


General Protection Data Regulation is now in motion that you now have the right to know what happens to you images once taken, edited and received.


When the shoot/booking is taking place, the images are instantly stored on to two memory cards within the camera. This is done for reasons to use later for editing and is instantly backed up in case one card should become damaged or not work.


On the night of the booking/shoot your images will be stored on to a hard drive on Ian R Marshall Photography’s computer and then backed up on to an external hard drive.

Finally, …

Once editing is completed, your final images will be uploaded to a password protected gallery on my SmugMug account and shared with you. You will also be given a ‘download unlocking’ password so you can share the gallery with friends and family, but you can choose who has access to download images. Friends and family can purchase prints from the gallery if they wish or you can print them for them.

How to book?

Depending on what you are booking please click on one of the following buttons to lead you to the correct form to fill out to start the booking process.